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Using our proprietary fabric that conforms to MIL-P-58102 and MIL-C-58104A, US Cover offers an innovative alternative for packaging, shipping and storage of critical equipment and manufactured goods. By providing a fitted flexible barrier to both moisture and vapors, our specialty covers ensure that your vital equipment is maintained in its original condition, regardless of the outside environment.

E-2C Rotodome Shipping Cover
Engine covers, used in conjunction with an overall maintenance program, afford reduced costs from corrosion of critical components.
Full aircraft storage covers are designed to allow monitoring of the ambient environment within the storage system.
Full aircraft covers reduce overall costs of maintenance by reducing replacement component requirements due to humidity induced corrosion.
Aircraft top covers provide needed shelter from destructive UV rays and high temperatures under the canopy.
Aircraft covers allow for movement of equipment while maintaining a reduced humidity environment.
Flexible barrier systems provide the ideal method for shipping and storage of critical capital equipment.
Our specialty covers are designed to allow monitoring of the equipment inside through sealed windows, so you know your equipment is protected.
If your company can build it, US Cover can provide a flexible barrier system to protect it.

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