Control Dry Storage™ Systems

US Cover's Control Dry Storage™ Systems offer total protection against corrosion, equipment degradation and moisture induced failures. The system radically reduces maintenance and resulting cost expenditures, and delivers a fast and clearly identifiable return on investment. Our unique zip lock seal enhances custom covers and shelters and provides a controlled, dust free environment for both indoor and outdoor use.

Storage applications include ground, air and sea equipment, including tanks, APC's, aircraft, boats, sensitive weapons systems, electronic equipment, spare parts, and support equipment.

Product Advantages

• Creates a corrosion free environment
• Reusable
• Allows portability
• Eliminates requirements for permanent buildings
• Maintains equipment and components in ready-for-use condition
• Meets US.  Military and ASTM specifications

Dehumidified storage has long been recognized as a cost effective method of corrosion prevention. Both industrial and defense markets are seeking efficient Control Dry Storage™ Systems to protect high cost capital equipment and related components. US Cover Control Dry Storage™ Systems meets these challenging needs.
Tank tunnels, using MIL-C-58102 fabric, prevent maintenance failures and reduce overall maintenance program costs

Full helicopter covers prevent corrosion and damaging UV rays
Tank dehumidification systems use MIL-C-58102 fabric for a flexible corrosion barrier.
Maintenance failures due to the corrosive effects of moisture are eliminated using US Cover's flexible dry storage system
Equipment can be covered, stored and redeployed in a matter of hours, at a fraction of the cost.
Full aircraft storage covers protect sensitive components from the ravages of sun and moisture.
Heavy equipment tunnels are easily erected and provide effective humidity barriers for critical mission inventory.

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