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We protect the people and equipment that protect the world.

US Cover designs and manufactures a full line of reusable covers and tension fabric structures. From state of the art Control Dry Storage™ Systems to quick erecting Rapid Deployment Structures, US Cover provides quality products for a variety of applications. For more than 25 years, we have been supplying the Fortune 1000 and DoD and have evolved into one of the most innovative, flexible and agile designers and manufacturers of rapid deployment shelter and storage solutions.

Our products are reusable, cost effective, with proven long-term life.

Rapid Deployment Shelters™
Control Dry Storage™ Systems
Fabric Shade Structures™
Specialty Covers
Solar Integrated Systems™

We are the only company in North America to manufacture tension fabric structures utilizing controlled dry storage technology in accordance with MIL-P-58102. US Cover's proprietary materials now include fabrics which assure extremely low moisture/vapor transmission rates while providing the maximum resistance to outdoor climatic conditions. The company's innovative fabrics are used worldwide. We have been on the forefront of the revolutionary use of industrial fabrics.

If you require a solution that meets high quality standards, is reliable, and protects from extreme weather conditions and you also need the innovation, flexibility and agility to deploy quickly, move easily, and fit the space constraints presented in different theaters of operation, then US Cover is your partner.

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