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Rapid Deployment Shelters™

Rapid Deployment Shelters™ are engineered tension fabric structures, shelters, and portable shelters for a wide variety of applications. The shelters are pre-engineered in a wide range of sizes and styles.

  • Aircraft hangers
  • Ammunition storage
  • Disaster operation
  • Emergency  shelters
  • Environmental  remediation
  • Maintenance  buildings
  • Mess halls
  • Mobile surgical  hospitals
  • MWR's - Morale,  Welfare & Recreation buildings
  • Personnel  housing
  • Vehicle storage/Garages
  • Warehouses

Large  Area Maintenance Shelter, Al Saleya, Doha, Qatar

For details  please see the Rapid  Deployment Shelters™ Engineering Diagram.

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150x262x34 Truss Structure - CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE TO SEE MORE

Aircraft Sun Shade, Al Udeid AFB, Doha, Qatar

Maintenance  Shelter, Miramar Naval Air Station, California

Maintenance  Facility (30m x 45m)

Morale,  Welfare and Recreation Facility, California

Field  Hospital, Ramsburg, West Germany

Environmental  Remediation Facility, 150' x 180', (45m x 55m)


200  ft (61m) Shelter, 200' x 720', (61m x 220m)

Maintenance  Shelter, Miramar Naval Air Station, California

Waste  Storage Facility, Colorado

Morale,  Welfare and Recreation Facility, Ft. Irwin, California

Large  Area Maintenance Shelter, P. Sultan Base, Saudi Arabia

Oil  Refinery, Venezuela, (4) 200' x 200'

LAMS Type VM Camp Anaconda, Iraq

LAMS Type VM Kandahar, Afghanistan





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